• Waterproof Pjama Bag

    Waterproof Pjama Bag

  • Bedwetting Treatment Pants for children

    Pjama Bedwetting Treatment Pants Children

    From: £81.00
  • Pjama Treatment Shorts

    Pjama Bedwetting Treatment Shorts Children

    From: £81.00
  • Bedwetting Alarm for Pjama pants and shorts. Keeps the bed dry while treating bedwetting.

    Bedwetting Alarm for Pjama Treatment Pants and Shorts

  • Pjama Sensor

    Pjama Sensor for Pjama Pants and Shorts

  • Pjama speaker

    Pjama Speaker

  • Treatment Boxer Underwear

    Pjama Treatment Boxer Underwear

    From: £22.00
  • Pjama Briefs

    Pjama Treatment Unisex Briefs Underwear

    From: £22.00
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