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The story behind Pjama

Bedwetting is a common issue amongst families around the world. Two of these families had enough of seeing their children refrain from attending school trips, camps, and sleepovers due to their problem. That’s how Pjama was born!

The founders spent years trying to create the perfect product that was functional, discrete, and comfortable. But in 2014 they cracked the code and the new Pjama products were launched.

This bedwetting pyjama gives children and adults, who’re suffering from bedwetting, a chance to attend activities that involve them sleeping away from home.

The founders’ children grew up and so did the company. In 2018 it was time for Pjama to take a step forward, so a new CEO was hired. Together, he and the founders turned Pjama from being a side business into a company to rely on.

about us pjama
about us pjama

Today we’ve helped more than 30.000 people worldwide with coping and treating their bedwetting. Aside from our international web shop we’re also available at retailers all around the world.

But the Pjama story doesn’t end here. We started working on a project to move the company even further into the future and on to the path of helping those who suffer from bedwetting overcome the problem.

This project is about to be launched…. Stay tuned!

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