Pjama Sensor for Pjama Pants and Shorts

Easily connect the sensor to your Pjama treatment pants och shorts. The alarm will go off when an accident occurs.
Treatment and protection in one!


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Pjama Sensor for Pjama pants and shorts

The sensor can be used together with Pjama pants and shorts and a phone with the Pjama bedwetting Alarm application installed or with a Pjama speaker.

With the help of advanced technology and a sensor that is connected to the pants and shorts, you can now use our brand new Pjama bed wetting alarm for treatment. If you sleep away, you can easily connect the sensor to our free DryGuardians Bedwetting App in your smartphone and thus use vibration instead of the regular audible alarm signal.

Your child can now easily participate in overnight stays without having to interrupt their treatment or be ashamed of their bedwetting problems.

Pjama bed wetting alarms are designed for the user to feel the moisture when an accident occurs. This will send a signal to the user that it is time to wake up.

Studies show that 80% of children treated with bedwetting alarms overcome their problems within a few months *.

Works with the DryGuardians Bedwetting Application which can be downloaded from Google Play an Apple App Store.

The manual for the Pjama bedwetting alarm for Pjama pants and shorts can be found on our website.

Follow your progress with the Pjama APP

With our DryGuardians Bedwetting App you can easily register your, or your child's, development. Take this information to your doctor to gain deeper and further insights into your, or your child's, bedwetting.

When you, or your child, sleeps away, you can easily connect your mobile with the Pjama Bedwetting Alarm through the DryGuardians Bedwetting App and use the vibration function instead of the alarm signal. This allows you, or your child, to continue treatment even when you are away sleeping.

For the perfect Pjama experience, read this guide on how to best use it

  • Start by making sure you are the right size. Pjamas should sit tight at the waist (without sitting too tight). Be sure to look at our size guide before ordering your Pjamas.
  • When preparing for treatment, make sure your child is involved in the process and be aware of the procedure when an accident occurs.
  • Select an alarm signal and volume on your speaker.
  • Download the Pjama app and connect it to your parent's mobile. Then the parent will receive a notice when an accident has occurred.
  • Attach the sensor to your pants / shorts.
  • When the alarm goes off, wake your child and take them to the toilet. It is important that the child wakes up.
  • Remove the sensor, turn the pants / shorts inside out and then wash them.
  • Do not forget to register the accidents in the DryGuardians app so that you can keep track of your, or your child's, success.

Treatment is a process where motivation and patience are the key

Patience is the key! For a faster and long-term improvement, patience and motivation are needed. If you are a new Pjama user, it is good if you have your ultimate goal in mind - a dry bed without aids. If your end goal feels far away, you can set smaller goals along the way.
And never forget that you will get through this!

If you are a parent, or guardian, of a child using Pjama's treatment, it is important to keep the child motivated as well. Give the child spicy feedback and compliments. If you are motivated, so will your child!

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